Lagamino Turinys are:


Ignas – vocals/trombone

Jaras (Jeronimas) – guitar

Tomas – bass

Audrius – drums

Tadas – trumpet

Martynas – alto sax/back vocals

Laimonas – baritone sax


Hello, skanksters! We are a skacore band Lagamino Turinys from Vilnius, Lithuania; formed in the end of 2002. Before this the members played in various other bands, whose styles varied from skater punk to funk rock. At the beginning our style was a quite typical american punk-ska sound, influenced by bands like Less Than Jake, Mustard Plug, Catch 22 and others. However, one day we decided to play something ruder, something tougher, something more ska. This remains our greatest goal until now.

We played somewhat 40 gigs in Lithuania in three years. Last summer (2005) we recorded our debut album „Black Suits”. In April 2006 we finally made a three gigs minitour in Latvia and Estonia and we are now looking for possibilities to gig more.

Our song themes vary from social problems to stories about the guys dressed in black. We stand for freedom and peace, DIY, non-terrorist anarcho ideas – the whole racist/nazi/fascist crap is unacceptable to us.